Our service philosophy is to do everything we possibly can to help our members achieve their job and career transition objectives.  Forty Plus member services include:

Comprehensive training in job-search techniques

At Forty Plus, members focus on the job search techniques and the tools they need to get rehired, changes careers, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.  All of us are concerned with how well we market ourselves and how we come across in interviews.  And we work to sharpen and stay on top of the most up-to-date career development tools. It’s all part of succeeding in a highly competitive business climate. 

  1. Taking stock; planning the job search

  2. Resume review and guidance for transforming this important document into an effective sales tool that lands interviews

  3. Peer review by Forty Plus members who constructively critique your new resume and offer feedback for further improvement

  4. Use of Linked-In as part of the career development strategy

  5. Training in networking, effective cover letters, and interview techniques — including peer reviews and critiques of resumes, letters, and practice interviews

  6. Videotaped mock interview practice to ensure you put your best foot forward during the actual interview

  7. Peer counseling and career guidance

  8. Access to outside experts with whom Forty Plus has long-standing relationships

  9. Weekly Job Bootcamp, where members share their goals, strategies and networking contacts

  10. Monday morning meeting with your peers to get focused, motivated and enthused

Support During the Search

We offer a number of formal and informal services to provide support to our membership.  These include group  and one-on-one therapy, both delivered by licensed psychotherapists, and designed to help our members keep the trials and tribulations of the job search in perspective and build the resilience that is essential during jab and career transition.  We also hold weekly meetings to keep members focused and motivated, as well as appoint a mentor to facilitate the integration of new members into Forty Plus.

Logistical Support

  1. An office where you can work 24/7

  2. Computers, wireless Internet access

  3. Printers, copiers, phones, fax, etc.

Opportunity, and Obligation, to Volunteer

Forty Plus is a true non-profit, supported solely from donations, member fees and, importantly, the volunteer services of our members. Fees and donations go to pay rent, utilities and other operating expenses. However, our operating costs are kept low because our members volunteer their time in assisting others on the way back onto a corporate payroll.

In-depth Orientation: Free.

Our orientation sessions show how we help you get back to work through the Forty Plus program — based on over 70 years of experience and success.

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