Forty Plus is a non-profit, self-help organization offering a proven system of hands-on training, peer support, networking opportunities, volunteering, and other resources to executives and professionals in job and career transition.
The strength and support of Forty Plus lies in its membership of job seeking, dedicated professionals whose purpose is to advance individual job searches as well as manage the operations of Forty Plus.
Since 1939, in the depths of the Great Depression, we’ve helped THOUSANDS of out-of-work executives and professionals find new jobs.  We pioneered many of the most effective job search techniques.  And as a non-profit, our costs are amazingly low.

Learn More About Forty Plus
First, browse our Forty Plus website and learn more about us.

Then, contact us and reserve your place on any Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. for our no-obligation Orientation session where you can learn face-to-face exactly how we work.
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Welcome to Forty Plus of New York!
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Welcome to Forty Plus

Non-Profit Career Development

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