"Why Forty Plus?"

We join together and do everything possible to help quality people achieve their job and career transition objectives. We do this at minimum expense, because we work together to make it happen. We succeed in getting you back to work.

Forty Plus has been at it for over 70 years; we are admired because we put YOU first. And we are affordable. Remember, when you are a Member, you are working with others in the same boat. We support each other. And it really DOES work. That's how we keep the costs down.

Forty Plus has created many proven winning job search techniques.  As part of our comprehensive knowledge of this increasingly important aspect of our careers, we note with interest this very perceptive quote from James Challenger, the founder of the entire outplacement industry:

"Our best advice is to maintain discipline over the job search the three variables
that you CAN control:

1. Who you see.
2. How often you see people.
3. What you say when you are in front of them."

This is all very sound advice. Forty Plus agrees, but our time-tested program goes well beyond this. There are many other things you CAN control...for instance, as mentioned before, your all-important resume. What your resume says and how it says it are deal-breakers if not done properly. Done the right way, your resume is a major plus in your job search.

Can we guarantee every single person will get a job through Forty Plus?
We carefully refrain from over-promising. But we can make this claim: You get out what you put in...and we have many, many, many success stories that underscore the value of our approach.

Come on in for our informative Orientation Meeting... at 2:00 p.m., every Wednesday. See for yourself why Forty Plus is right for you. Click here for details

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Why Forty Plus?

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Why Forty Plus?